Our Childcare Programme has been designed for maximum efficiency and safety in a warm and nurturing environment.

We have 2 childcare programmes:

Happy World

3 – 12 months

Small World

12 – 24 months

Activities Focus

  • Exploration of texture
  • Sensory activities
  • Music & movement
    (music unlocks the creative spirit and strengthens the mind)
  • Infant gymnasium
  • Colour & sound recognition


We have 2 Toddlers Programmes:

Ready World

2 – 3 years

The Ready World programme is designed to meet the needs of your maturing two- and three-year-olds. At this stage, children are exploring the world around them and striving for independence. The Early Years framework encourages a love of learning and problem solving, which helps each child build lifelong learning skills.

Our Early Years teachers encourage the children to make their own choices and decisions using age-appropriate materials that stimulate their inquisitiveness and curiosity.

Activities Focus

  • Phonics and literacy
  • Numbers and shapes
  • Fine motor activities
  • Classifying colours
  • Language and communication
  • Creative art
  • Little Readers


3 – 4 years

In the Little Readers programme, children are more independent, form friendships easily, share experiences, are able to make choices, and are beginning to express their feelings. They are encouraged to participate in group discussion, learn new words to communicate with, and engage in different levels of problem solving using maths manipulative, maths concept, and symbolic thinking.

Our classrooms are equipped with various manipulative and challenging educational items that help bring out the creativity of your child. The children are also taught about the importance of hygiene, healthy habits, and good manners—all core values to young, growing minds. Child-friendly hand sanitiser is available and the children are expected to sanitise their hands before going into their classroom.

Activities Focus

  • Phonics and literacy
  • Language and communication
  • Group discussion participation
  • First name recognition
  • Tracing and writing
  • Sequence events and simple puzzles
  • Listening to and following instructions
  • Identifying colours and shapes
  • Number recognition


At Play and Learn, our Afterschool Programme is designed to keep children engaged in creative ways by introducing them to different learning skills, including the use of board games, learning to share, taking turns, learning about our world, reinforcing good manners, and improving work habits.

Afterschool is also opened to children from other schools.

Activities Focus

  • Book club
  • Spelling squad
  • Creative art
  • Children’s board games
    (monopoly chess, sequence game, etc.)
  • Water play and splash games


Nanny Training

We teach nannies how to engage the children in creative activities when at home with them. We also teach them basic first aid, self care, and literacy.

Pop-Up Crèche for Events

We also provide pop-up crèche services for events, where parents may drop off their children. We keep the children engaged in fun and creative activities, so that parents can enjoy their event worry-free.